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S2O is going to be held in Taiwan !!!

photo by S2O


You might be heard about Songkran but did you know what is S2O ? If don't , let us tell you what the fun event is it .

What is S2O ?

S2O (S2O Songkran Music Festival ) is the world's biggest songkran celebration. The world's top DJs and one of Asia's most awesome and biggest productions.

When is it held ?

The S2O was held in Bangkok every April during the Songkran Festival. Japan is the first time held last year, and will be held in Taiwan in July this year! You can experience it yourself without go abroad, as if you were in Thailand. !

What's the different between S2O and other festival?

This is not just a concept of a EDM party or a water park, more than 20 high-pressure water guns and more than 10 sets of 360-degree sprinklers in the air. The Thai Songkran Festival represents the removal of all evil, misfortune and sin with all the good things and pure to start a new year. It’s a party with a wet body. See if you want grab your water guns, dress for battle and get soaked in the water splashing madness of the annual S2O songkran music festival. Enjoying the music and all the pressure is Released.

No matter you are an introduction to electric music or a senior EDM fans, the S2O is an experience can not to be missed.

Dance with us this Songkran !

Let us look forward to this summer vacation. Taiwan is about to be the second country in the world to hold S2O except Thailand. conceivable, people from all over the world must come to Taiwan to experience the most songkarn festival in Thailand!

In addition, remind you:

  1. Phone must be wrapped in a two-layer plastic bag or a waterproof case is recommended.
  2. Girls recommend wearing a bikini, boys can wear dry-fast shirt or pants.
  3. Bag should also choose waterproof material.
  4. Keep a happy mood and be splashed with water
photo by S2O facebook